The pan-Nordic Children’s Media Conference


Once again, BUSTER Children’s Film Festival invites you to a conference filled with short, entertaining sessions that alternate between new research, knowledge, and data about children and youth audiences, combined with practical hands-on cases featuring directors, producers, distributors, and marketing teams. This year, we have a special focus on co-creation in the broadest sense – collaboration within the industry, across the Nordic region, in Europe, and co-creation with children and youth audiences.

The full-day conference, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages, costs 550 DKK. The conference will take place at Teater Bremen in Copenhagen and will be conducted in both Danish and English.

The pan-Nordic Children’s Media Conference

The pan-Nordic Children’s Media Conference

The Pan-Nordic Children’s Media Conference is a crucial component of BUSTER’s Industry Days, and in 2023, it will take place on October 3rd with a primary focus on the theme of co-creation.
The event will take place at Bremen Theater in Copenhagen.

This event brings together a diverse range of professionals from the children’s media industry, including researchers, experts, and creators. By uniting these different perspectives, the conference aims to inspire innovation, collaboration, and advancement in the field of children’s film and media.

Tirsdag 3. Okt10:00 - 17:00


09:00 Doors open. Breakfast and coffee.

10:00 Welcome by Mariella Harpelunde Jensen, Head of Programme at BUSTER Children’s Film Festival.

10:10 Leave Your Adultism Behind. How to Use AI and Anthropology to Approach the Target Audience. Niels Alberg / Will & Agency / Denmark

10:30 Tiny Toot – A New Nordic Children’s Series for the Youngest Audience Explores the Big World Signe Leick and Morten Kaufmann / Toolbox Film / Denmark

10:50 Quirky, Sweet, and Original. Meet the Sales Agent Who Loves Nordic Children’s Content Andrew Fitzpatrick / Monster! Entertainment / Ireland

11:10 Coffee Break

11:40 – Who Are the Global Natives and Where Do Young People Fit in the Media Landscape? Marika Lüders / Oslo University / Norway

12:00  How Do Danish Youth Relate to the Concept of Global Natives? Storm, Gustav, Jakub, Alvin, and Sofus, 1st year high school students / Sorø Academy / Denmark

12:20 SMUK – The Biggest Danish Youth Film in 15 years. How Did They Do It? Mette Friis-Olsen and Frida Paus Regnar / SF Studios / Denmark

12:40 Lunch

13:40 Silly Parrots and Stories for Children in the Faroe Islands Jón Hammer and Tóki Jansson / KYK Pictures / Faroe Islands

14:00 What Happens to Icelandic When Streamers Don’t Dub Small Languages? Hrönn Sveinsdóttir / The indie cinema Bio Paradis / Iceland

14:20 New Nordic Stories About Life As a Child In Marginalized Housing Areas Peter Pontikis, Patrick Sobieski and Xoaher Musavvir / Thin Skin Films / Sweden

14:40 A Nordic Parrot Mutant Becomes a Hit In France Joelle Caroline and Irene Sparre / Godo Films and Sparre Productions / France and Denmark

15:00 Break with Coffee and Cake

15:30 Who is Fighting for Children and Youth Content In the EU? Anne Schultka / KIDS Regio / Germany

15:50 Mr. Freeman – Stories That Reflect the Digital Lives of Children and Youth The film crew / Zentropa / Denmark

16:10 Mr. Freeman – Research PerspectivesMikkel Hjorth, Researcher and Associate Professor, Ph.D. / VIA University College / Denmark

16:30 Dreambuilders – A Danish Cinema Success Nynne Selin Eidnes / First Lady Film / Denmark

16:50 Drinks and Mingle

18:00 END

18:30  Dinner (requires special registration)


Selected speakers

Niels Alberg / Will & Agency

How can we use new technology and anthropological and sociological methods to get closer to the 14-19-year-old target audience as filmmakers, directors, or screenwriters? Danish Will&Agency works with projects in 8 European countries using their own innovative methods.

Hrönn Sveinsdóttir / The indie cinema Bio Paradis / Iceland

How much power do streaming platforms have over local media offerings, and what does it mean for the languages of children and youth? Film activist Hrönn Sveinsdóttir, organizer of the independent Reykjavík International Children's Film Festival in the Icelandic capital, discusses her work.

Anne Schultka / KIDS Regio / Germany

Anne Schultka talks about a significant cultural budget - the 2.44 billion EURO that the EU invests in film and media, among other areas. Preparations are underway for the next budget in Brussels. How can the children's media industry make its mark, and what are the expectations for the next budget?

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