Buster Filmfestival 2021 is now open for film submissions

The 21st edition of BUSTER Filmfestival is now open for submissions. We are an international Filmfestival based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and our festival  will take place September 25st – October 10th, 2021. 

Please read all the instructions carefully before submitting a film.

Deadline for submitting a film for BUSTER Filmfestival 2021 is April 1st 2021.


Buster Filmfestival (hereafter referred to as “Buster”) is the largest Children and Youth film festival in Scandinavia and it is organised by Copenhagen Film Festivals. Each year, 35.000 children, teachers and families attend the festival. The festival programme consists of around 100 films, tvseries and games which is screened in central Copenhagen during the festival. BUSTERs aim is to bring world class cinema and media content to a young audience. 

Special focus

In 2021 we have a special focus on the skilled child actor. What qualities characterize the skilled child actor? How does the raw talent develop through the art of filmmaking? What characterizes an interesting children’s role in film?  

8 films competing for BUSTERs CHILDREN AWARD 2021

Head of Programme Mariella Harpelunde Jensen will select 8 films for the competition for BUSTERs CHILDREN AWARD 2020: BEST FILM for children and young people aged +7

The 8 films will be judged by BUSTERS Children jury consists of 4-8 children aged 9-16. 

The winner will be announced during the festivals last week. 

Award: 2.500 Euro 

Practical and technical information

Please note that we do not accept submissions of films that have been screened officially before the year 2020.

The Price for submitting a feature film is 300 kroner. 

The Price for submitting a short film is 150 kroner. 

  • Remember to add/send a VOD link for the film.
  • As for formats of selected films, BUSTER requires unencrypted DCPs. BUSTER’s print coordinator will give you further information about formats and uploads.
  • For selected films, we also need a VOD screener link (if one has not already been sent to us), as many high-resolution stills from the film as possible, an uploaded trailer, if available, and an English time-coded dialogue list if the film is selected for our youngest audience (3-12 years).

The application for participation in the BUSTER 2021 implies acceptance of these regulations.

Link to payment info. 

  • We accept features, tv-series, documentaries, animations, short films and games from all over the world.
  • The main target groups for BUSTER are children and young people aged 3-16.
  • We only accept films with the first official screening date after January 1st, 2020.

Submit your production with an online link to a screener. 

Submit link to press kit. 

Write a short description of the film, tvseries, game and description of target group.

Please submit here: https://vp.eventival.com/cphdox/buster2021

All successful submissions for the BUSTER 2021 programme that are selected will be informed no later than the 1st of may. 

We are looking forward to reviewing the submitted films, tv series and games. 

Mariella Harpelunde Jensen

Head of Program / Programchef 

BUSTER Filmfestival

Flæsketorvet 60, 1711 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Mobile: +45 21258088

Web: www.BUSTER.dk