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Dounia: The Great White North

André Kadi / Canada / 2023 / 51 min

“Dounia: The Great White North,” is the sequel to “Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo,” in which we followed the journey of Dounia and her grandparents as they were fleeing their war-torned homeland in search of a new home. In “Dounia: The Great White North,” Dounia and her grandparents slowly get to know Canada, the country that welcomed them. As they immerse themselves in their new surroundings, they discover the nuances of Canada: its changing seasons, diverse cuisines, and varied languages. Along the way, a beautiful confluence of three distinct cultures unfolds: Dounia’s Syrian heritage, Rosalie’s Quebecois background, and Miguizou’s indigenous roots. Amidst this cultural tapestry, Dounia grapples with wartime trauma and the haunting absence of her father. Yet hope shines when he is liberated from an Aleppo prison, embarking on a quest to reunite with his daughter. With the guidance of Kukum, Miguizou’s grandmother, Dounia learns to call her father with her heart, which will ultimately lead to him finding his daughter.