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Swchwrm, My Adventures

Swchwrm, My Adventures

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2012.

Dir.: Froukje Tan | In all 85 min

Talking about grief need not be sad. The Dutch 'Swchwrm, My Adventures' is a both light and playful tale about a small boy with a highly developed imagination. He hopes to eventually make use of this in a spectacular career as a writer, but so far he is using it to come to terms with the grief of having lost his beloved grandfather and being rejected by the prettiest girl in class. The film is an incredibly well-made child's perspective of an at times confusing world, which becomes much easier to digest when one adds a dose of flying queens and camels. An original and very touching tribute to childhood fantasy, which grownups would do well to hang onto.

No further screenings planned.

Swchwrm, My Adventures


Netherlands, 2012. 85 min.

Danish Dub

Director: Froukje Tan