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The Strongest Man In Holland

The Strongest Man In Holland

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Mark de Cloe | In all 80 min

Luuk has red hair, is not very tall and he has never known his father. But from what his mother has told him, his father must be the strongest man in the Netherlands. Luuk's mother tells amazing stories about the father's achievements. "He could pull an airplane and lift a car," she insists. But Luuk has become tired of all the stories. He wants to meet his father and the best place to begin his search must be at strongman competitions. Soon Luuk is convinced that he has found his father, but the truth is not what he thinks. Perhaps one's blood bonds are not as important, as the ones who love you? 'The Strongest Man in Holland' was selected for the Berlin Film Festival this year.

No further screenings planned.

The Strongest Man In Holland

De Sterkste Man van Nederland

Netherlands, 2010. 80 min.

Danish Dub

Director: Mark de Cloe