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Go on an adventure in Carsten and Gitte's fantastic games universe

Go on an adventure in Carsten and Gitte's fantastic games universe

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

In all 360 min

You are invited to explore a series of funny computer games where two popular dolls, known from TV, are the main characters.

Carsten and Gitte have gotten hold of a mega-cool book. It's called 'Bogen om alt muligt' (English: The Book of all Sorts). When Carsten and Gitte look in it, they enter into a universe of fun games, where they can go exploring in the woods, at the hospital and other exciting places. Do you want to join them? Then come and play super fun games with Carsten and Gitte.

No further screenings planned.
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Go on an adventure in Carsten and Gitte's fantastic games universe

Tag på eventyr i Carsten og Gittes fantastiske spilunivers!

360 min.