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Solve interactive thriller puzzles

Solve interactive thriller puzzles

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

In all 360 min

The player must help the characters Diggs and Chasey to unravel goofy mysteries. Since the game is spread across many different platforms, it is played using amongst others cards, computer games and role playing. Become a resident of the funniest town with a lot of fun and entertaining. If Mr. Scot's head is stuck in the bagpipe, or Sister Mary is involved with the exploding sandcastles, then you know that Crimeville's suspects are up to no good. So come and dive into Crimeville's online and offline world and create your very own fantastic character in the mystery. But be careful - perhaps your character is the culprit!

No further screenings planned.

Solve interactive thriller puzzles

Løs interaktive krimigåder og spil sjove spil i Crimeville-universet

360 min.