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Wickie the Mighty Viking

Wickie the Mighty Viking

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Michael Bully Herbig | In all 90 min

Today you can find traces of the Vikings everywhere - on bags of liquorice, packets of pâté, building blocks and on the heads of the Danish soccer fans. The Viking Ship Museum provides answers to whether the Vikings really had horns on the helmets, and whether ships sails were red and white like the current Danish flag. In the movie 'Wickie - The Mightly Viking' we meet a somewhat different Viking. Wickie is neither strong nor fearless, but somewhat of a scaredy pants. However, he does have his head screwed on right and the other Vikings have often been defeated by Wickie's creative ideas. This skill also turns out to be of great benefit, when Wickie sails away with the adult Vikings, to what becomes a real Viking adventure.

After the movie we're off to the jetty in the Viking ship hall, where the museum's history and archaeology students are ready to explain more about the Vikings. They have with them weapons, pictures, colours, a modern clapping hands hat and a lot of interesting stories about myths and reality. Then we proceed to a merchant ship loaded with barrels, skins and iron and a warship loaded with shields, axes and swords. Here you can dress up as a great man, noble woman, or even as a warrior and write your name in runes.

10:30 AM: 'Wickie - the Great Viking' - with Danish translation.
12:00 to 4:00 PM: Free workshop. Come and go as you please. There may be waiting for the activities.

No further screenings planned.

Wickie the Mighty Viking

Wickie - Den lillle viking

Germany, 2009. 90 min.

Danish Dub

Director: Michael Bully Herbig