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This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Jessica Hausner | In all 99 min

The time of miracles is not over. At least not in the French town of Lourdes, which is visited annually by thousands of pilgrims that all hope, they will be hit by a divine intervention that can rid them of their ailments.

One of these is Christine, who is paralyzed from the neck down because of incurable sclerosis. Each day she prays to the Virgin Mary, does confession and tries to make herself as ready for salvation as possible. And suddenly changes take place. Christine can slowly move her otherwise dead hands, and when she one morning gets up from bed by herself, it seems clear that a miracle has happened. But is a girl like Christine really worthy of the holy salvation?

There is teaching material for this film at the Grand Theater's website.


No further screenings planned.
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Austria, France, Germany, 2009. 99 min.

Dialogue: with Danish Subtitles

Director: Jessica Hausner