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Elias And The Treasure Of The Sea

Elias And The Treasure Of The Sea

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Lise I. Osvoll | In all 80 min

'Elias and The Treasure of The Sea' is an exciting animation movie for young children. With round shapes, primary colours and a clear narrative, the film is reminiscent in style and content of last year's 'Pelle Politibil'.

Elias and the other people in Lunvik, have been looking forward to the annual winter fishing season for a long time, but the new, modern fishing industry with big trawlers is stealing all the fish, threatening the livelihood of Lunvik. Elias however gets wind of a secret treasure and he is convinced that this will save Lunvik.

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FACTS ABOUT Elias And The Treasure Of The Sea
Elias And The Treasure Of The Sea
Elias og jakten på havets gull
Dialogue: with Danish Voice Over
Lise I. Osvoll
Yngve E. Marcussen, Sidney L. Lange, Elisabeth Moberg, Mikael Aksnes-Pehrson