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Killing Bono

Killing Bono

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Nick Hamm | In all 114 min

In the shadow of Mozart was Salieri. In the shadow of U2 was Neil ... and his brother Ivan. The latter could have been part of U2, had it not been for a little lie, which had great consequences. Neil knows he is a musical genius. When The Hype need a new band member, Neil doesn't hesitate to reject the offer on his brother Ivan's behalf, without informing Ivan about it. Neil in fact, wants his brother in his own band. When The Hype changes its name to U2 and starts to become tremendously popular, Neil sees only one option: to become even bigger than U2. And when the rock'n'roll dream cracks and the contours of a future in U2's shadow appear, a villainous plan is hatched ... 'Killing Bono'.

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Killing Bono

United Kingdom, 2010. 114 min.

Dialogue: with Danish Subtitles

Director: Nick Hamm