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Create a crime mystery and get your video on YouTube

Create a crime mystery and get your video on YouTube

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

In all 180 min

It's exciting to play and learn how to integrate online and offline media in the fun unity. At the same time students learn to be familiar with social media like YouTube.

To get started, pupils begin to play the online game Crimeville, so they can learn about the universe. Hereafter there'll be group work, where each group will have to create a detective mystery, and three characters for their own role-play. After that their short performance will be filmed and posted on YouTube. Art of Crime will select a winner who will receive a prize for the whole class.

Everyone in the class gets to take a game home with them, so they can continue the game after the workshop. Registered participants will be able to contact the Art of Crime for more information prior to the workshop.The workshop includes a lunch break.

No further screenings planned.
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Create a crime mystery and get your video on YouTube

Skab et krimimysterie og få jeres video på YouTube

180 min.