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On the Sly

On the Sly

This film / event belongs to our archive
and was part of festival 2011.

Dir.: Olivier Ringer | In all 77 min

A little gem is the Belgian-French drama On the Sly', where an original use of inner monologue and POV gives the audiences a rare glimpse into a little girl's feelings. 6-year-old Cathy feels rightly neglected by his parents. On vacation at the cottage, she is left to care for herself, and had it not been for the meals, she could just as well have been invisible. In the deafening silence and absence of playmates she does her best to come up with new games. When the holiday is over and the parents are packing the car, getting ready to drive home, Cathy runs off during one of their parents' quarrels. It takes a long time before they discover that Cathy is gone, and in the meantime, she has discovered a whole new world in the nearby forest.

No further screenings planned.

On the Sly

A Pas de Loup

Belgium, France, 2011. 77 min.

Dialogue: with Danish Voice Over

Director: Olivier Ringer