On the Ice

Dir.: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean | USA 2011 | 96 min | AGE: 14+


Far up North, in an Alaskan community built upon myths and rituals, the two boys Qalli and Aivaaq grow up as brothers.

When a seal hunt turns fatal, they opt for a lie to hide their blood-stained hands. The director Andrew Okpeaha MacLean celebrates his debut with this portrait of his hometown, where youth is torn between the strong ancestral traditions and the modern hip hop culture, where drugs are used to overcome tomorrow's worries. Under MacLean's guidance, the infinite snow landscape appears as both calming and claustrophobically threatening, and together with the great performances by the troupe of amateur actors, it creates an authentic and intense thriller about friendship, lies and the courage to take the plunge into adulthood.

On the Ice (USA, 2011, 96 min.)
Director: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean . Cast: Frank Qutuq Irelan, Adamina Kerr, John Miller.
English Version.