The Crown Jewels

Dir.: Ella Lemhagen | Sweden 2011 | 120 min | AGE: 13+


This eccentric Swedish film won a Special Mention in Berlin, and it's easy to see why. At once a crime mystery, a piece of magic realism and a youth drama with a comic touch, 'The Crown Jewels' is an original story that refuses to be dictated by genre conventions.

The young and beautiful Fragancia (played by Alicia Vikander from 'A Royal Affair') is accused of murdering Richard, the son of the city's powerful factory owner. During the police interrogation, she talks about the circumstances that led to the tragedy: about her infatuation with the local ice hockey talent, about the disappearance of her little brother with Down's Syndrome, and about her father's desperate attempt to make gold. A colourful and imaginative tale, where darkness and light succeed each other elegantly.

Kronjuvelerna (Sweden, 2011, 120 min.)
Director: Ella Lemhagen. Cast: Alicia Vikander, Bill Skarsgård, Loa Falkman.
Dialogue: with English Subtitles.