As Denmark's largest film festival for children and youth, BUSTER directs its attention towards both schools and families. Films on BUSTER are entertaining, funny, heartbreaking, educational, scary and so much more.

A range of well over 130 feature films, shorts and documentaries are each year selected to be part of BUSTER Film Festival for Children and Youth, which runs in September. More than 300 events are planned to take place during BUSTER's mere 17 days festival ranging from film screenings in cinemas and other cultural institutions to workshops and Q&A's with directors and actors visiting the festival. Most of the films have a low admission fee of 15,- DKK which in many cases include an event. 36.000 children, young people, their parents or teachers participated in the 2013 edition of BUSTER.

We primarily show films that our young audience would not have the opportunity to experience in Danish cinemas, because the films very rarely achieve theatrical distribution in Denmark. But every year BUSTER also unveils some of the exciting upcoming film premieres.

The films we select often offer an insight into other cultures - both in Denmark and around the world - or take the audience on a journey to far away places with amazing story lines made up by film makers from all over the globe. We hope to contribute to the development of young people's creative and critical awareness of film and media in a world where we are constantly bombarded with moving images.

More than films

At BUSTER, we believe in the importance of 'learning by doing'. That is why the programme, BUSTER's Media Academy, offers a wide range of workshops, which give children and youngsters a chance to explore different aspects of film making and experiment with online activities. Every year we develop new content and concepts for our workshops. Over the years we have done workshops in 3D-animation, film scenography, foley-work, acting methods, film music and computer game production just to mention a few. In 2013 we hosted more than 120 digital media workshops mainly for school children.


BUSTER relies on the help from a number of volunteers. If you want to help make BUSTER run even smoother, become a volunteer and show guests around town, assist the marketing and press departments, help out in connection with the opening gala, film screenings or events.

As a volunteer you will receive free cinema tickets according to the number of shifts you undertake. You will also get a BUSTER T-shirt and get to take part in the various events.

We hope you will sign-up as volunteer. (submission in Danish)
Questions regarding volunteer work? E-mail: frivillig@buster.dk for further information.

OREGON Film Competition

OREGON is Denmark's largest competition for young film makers under the age of 20. OREGONS top priority is to see more and better films by Danish youth produced, and to help improve the foundation for this. Films have been submitted from all over the country, and the best are selected to compete in the final during BUSTER Filmfestival.

Copenhagen Film Festivals

BUSTER is organised and managed by festival director Füsun Eriksen in cooperation with a board of directors. BUSTER is part of Copenhagen Film Festivals which also includes CPH PIX and CPH:DOX. The CEO of Copenhagen Film Festivals is Lars Hermann.

Members of the Board:

  • Erik Stephensen (chairman)
  • Nina Crone
  • Stig Andersen
  • Elin Schmidt
  • John Tønnes